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The Godcast

Dec 11, 2017

Nicene Council this week consists of Borzoi, Daniel, General B, GoodSkeltal, Paisios, and RightWingNut.
Paisos confirms himself as the #1 Boy Meets World Super Fan in this episode and discusses his adventures going to a comfy Western Rite Orthoroblox church. The Nicene Council moves on to discussing the Trump recognition of Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel and go into how this works with prophecies. After the Break we came back and talked about The Reverse Come to Jesus Moment and those who view “throwing off the chains” of Christianity as liberation and their constant rebellion. Finally we touch on coming to Christianity and how those who come to it and choose Christianity over other faiths.
Sorry for the audio quality, we are trying to hash out something to make a proper fix.
00:16:15 Introductions
00:20:00 Western Rite Orthoroblox Discussion
00:32:40 Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel
00:45:00 Discussion about Prophecies and Left Behind/Rapture
00:53:50 Break nibbas
00:55:00 Back from break, The Reverse Come to Jesus moment
01:10:45 Choosing Christianity
01:29:45 Closing Prayer
Links from the Discussion:
Opening Discussion Mr Metokur on the August Ames thing
Newman 39 Articles tract
Trump and Jerusalem,7340,L-5053366,00.html
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