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The Godcast

Dec 3, 2017

The Nicean Council operates on Hamite Time getting this episode up. They welcome guest, Thomas Lewis of Ordo Evangelistarum, as they descend into Hades to defeat the demons and trash Jordan Peterson.

Council: General Belisarius, RightWingNut, Paisios, and I guess Borzoi is back or something

Guest: Thomas Lewis


00:01:00 Introductions of Council

00:04:23 Introduction of Guest, Thomas Lewis

00:06:12 Information about the Ordo Evangelistarum

00:07:15 How he came to the faith

00:16:45 Discussion about Paganism

00:20:34 progression and maturation of Faith

00:33:00 Jordan Beterson

00:49:00 How those from outside Christianity can get into it.

01:01:00 Goat Rape Letters

01:04:45 Demonology and Psychology, Continuation of Spiritual Warfare

01:15:30 Discussion on Prayer

01:42:00 Closing Prayer