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The Godcast

Jul 19, 2020

Anti-Christians are a civilizational liability.  For proof, look no further than Curt Doolittle's most recent round of embarrassing himself.  On this week's episode, SuperLutheran and Myles talk about that little mishap.  We also read and respond to an article from propertarian nuthugger Eric Danelaw bellyaching that Christianity is bad.

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Are Jews the chosen people of God? No:


Things talked about during the show:

Eric Danelaw's astonishingly vapid article (the website now says every article is written by "curtd" instead of the actual author's name):

A quick rundown of the event where Curt pissed himself and sung the praise of BBC:

The Godcast explores the concept of the Almighty in European paganism:

Mussolini's Doctrine of Fascism (PDF):

If you want a hard copy of the above:

God's use of the nations in His plan of salvation:

Original Monotheism (55 minutes):


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