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The Godcast

Jan 10, 2021

Many thanks to everyone who wrote in to the Comptroller of US Currency and supported /ourguys/ behind bars.  From what I'm hearing, there's been a lot of positive movement on both those fronts.  You all have my sincerest thanks.

In this week's episode, SuperLutheran and Myles discuss the Washington DC Capitol Hill siege that happened January 6th, Hillsong Megachurch's ongoing troubles, and that female "pastor" that decided she wasn't getting enough attention and became a prostitute.

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Are Jews the chosen people of God? No:


Things talked about during the show:

Justin Bieber leaves Hillsong:

"Pastor"? Hooker? Por que no los dos?

Shenanigans in Nancy Pelosi's office:

Ken Lewis, former CEO of Bank of America:


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