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The Godcast

May 12, 2019

If someone leaving Christianity can't give you a specific, logical reason for doing so, it's because they want to stick their dick where it doesn't belong.

On this episode, SuperLutheran and Myles openly mock David Gass, the disgraced former pastor who left the Church after being confronted with myriad unanswerable objections like "Why can't I cheat on my wife?" He went on a lengthy Twitter tirade, spilling his guts, then privated his account after his congregants brought up his infidelity. Good work, Dave, you're doing the unbelievers proud.


Follow up, pastor cheated:

For our middle segment, SuperLutheran has a lit af sermon on the woman who stabbed her newborn to death. Story here:


We also got a very in-depth email about the chronology of the Exodus. I've reproduced the email below so our listeners can read it:

A pastor friend and I researched Egyptian chronology very thoroughly in order to write the paper. Our conclusion was that the Pharaoh of the Exodus was most likely Neferhotep I. Working back from I Kings 6:1, you could place the Exodus at c.1555 BCE and Neferhotep fits. Also, his body was not discovered and his son did not rule. Instead, his brother, Sobekhotep IV succeeded him. This fits the Exodus record as the Pharaoh drowned in the Red Sea and his firstborn taken in the last plague. After Israel left Egypt, they immediately encountered the Amalekites. Most likely, the Amalekites invaded a devastated, weakened Egypt after the battle.

As to the Pharaoh during the enslavement of the Hebrews, we can refer to Acts 7:18-21:

The speech of Stephen in Acts 7:18-21 shows that the king "who knew not Joseph" and who enslaved the Israelites is one and the same with the Pharaoh whose daughter adopted Moses. In other words, there is only one Pharaoh referred to in Exodus 1:8-2:10.

This means that Amenemhat III was the Pharaoh who enslaved Israel, not his predecessor Senwosret III.

From what I understand, the lengths of the reigns of the 12th dynasty rulers are very well understood.

These are:
Amenemhat I 29 years, was assassinated
Senwosret I 45 years
Amenemhat II 34 years
Senwosret II 19 years
Senwosret III 39 years
Amenemhet III 46 years
Amenemhet IV 9 years
Sobekneferu 4 years

From the Bible, we know that there were 64 years from the death of Joseph until the birth of Moses. Joseph lived 110 years, and rose to power when he was 30 years old.

Based on these numbers, if Moses fled Egypt in the last year of Amenemhat IV, everything works perfectly, placing Joseph's rise to power in the 8th year of Senwosret I.

I disagree with David Down that Moses is the same person as Amenemhat IV. Amenemhat IV was clearly the son of Amenemhat III and the brother of Sobekneferu. A lot of this comes from the assumption that Moses was being groomed to take the throne. The Bible nowhere says this. Moses was a member of the royal household, but both he and everyone always knew that he was a Hebrew, and no one was going to make him Pharaoh.

Next, I would like to address dispensational theology. It is a necessary tool in studying prophecy. Romans 9-11 clearly states that God will bring Israel into judgement and that a remnant of them will be saved. This is speaking of ethnic Jews, as Paul identifies with the tribe of Benjamin. The judgements are in the book of Revelation and the OT prophets. These judgements are to punish the earth, but also to purge it from the unbelieving Jews and their power. A dispensatiomalist needs not to be a Zionist. This was the folly of Scofield. The Christains were witnessing the gathering of Israel for judgement (Zephaniah 2:1-2) after the 1917 Balfour Declaration and they mistook this for a future gathering of the remnant of Israel. Also, the Jews capitalized on this error.

John Darby of the Plymouth Bretheren was the first to use dispensational theology and he was not a Zionist. He just understood that there was a future for a restored Israel in prophecy.

That was a lot, but please, give me some feed back. Feel free to read this e-mail on the air and use my name.

Your Celtic brother in Christ,


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