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The Godcast

Jan 13, 2018

On this episode, the Nicene Council consists of General Belisarius, RightWingNut, Producer Kenny, and Myles Poland. The first half of the episode is dedicated to listener questions. Topics range from imperial Christians to Bible verses that might seem to shatter our whole point of view. During the break, it seems that now that Rome has burnt down, we now have to watch 'While London Burns'. The listener questions carry on to the second half, where we are joined by a ssssurprise guest. To round things off, we tackle the bible reading, Proverbs 25.

You can contact the Nicene Council with any questions or concerns at:

Twitter: @TheGodcastTJC

Show breakdown

  • Title song, Home - "Resonance"
  • Introductions
  • Donations
  • Email and Twitter correspondence.
  • Hymn of the week: “For the Beauty of the Earth" Chosen by Reactionary Ian
  • While London Burns: The News with Arthur Wellesley
  • Bible Reading – Proverbs 25

New International Version - Read by General Belisarius

New Oxford Annotated Bible - Read by Borzoi

Contemporary English Version - Read by Kenny

King James Version - Read by RightWingNut

  • Final Prayers & Goodbyes
  • Outro song: King Plague - "Ave Plague (BLVCK CEILING RMX)"

In Hoc Signo Vinces